Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Pics

The previous blog pictures were of Kellie's Family, Jared, Caleb and Dad with Kellie's kids. Here are a few of Katie's Kids and Blake and Mandi, and mom with Kristjan (Katie's newest)

New News

Well, Katie delivered a little boy on October 3, 2006. His name is Kristjan Levie Brodniak. Attached is a picture of him. Hunter, Dakota, and Braxton love him! Sterling, Katie and kids are moving to Hawaii in June for Sterling to start his residency.

Kellie's hair business is doing well. Her kids are growing like crazy and she has been working hard making her new home in Sugar City, Idaho more her's. Dan keeps busy teaching school and coaching.

Blake and Mandi are enjoying Virginia. Medical School keeps Blake pretty busy and Mandi's work along with studying for the CPA exam keeps her busy too! Mandi's brother just had a little boy. She is really excited about her newest little nephew.

Jared is busy going to school, working for Dad, and partying!

Caleb is healing well, he started back to school as well.

Mom and Dad are busy as well. Mom is still the Relief Society President and works full time for the State of Utah. Dad of course is busy doing construction, breeding and racing horses, paramedicine and Life Flight.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Caleb went and saw a surgeon today about his neck. For the time being.. they are not going to operate. He will have to wear a neck/shoulder brace for several months until his neck has healed more.

Jared is going to school at UVSC. He is studying business and works for himself and Dad doing concrete countertops and various construction work.

Mandi started her new job. She has been in training all week in Richmond,VA. She will be flying out to Florida on Sunday to spend the next 2 weeks out there with more training. She is working for KPMG ( I think) which is an accounting firm that she will eventually be working in Roanoke, VA. Roanoke is about 30 miles north of Christiansburg, where she and Blake are living.

Blake is thriving in Medical School. He has already had several tests and done well on all of them. He works hard studying at least 4 hours every day to keep up with the work load. While Mandi is out of town Katie will be enjoying his company for dinner!

Katie is 35 weeks pregnant. Sterling is in Hawaii for another week or so finishing his OB rotation and boy are the kids excited to have the "fun one" home! To find out more about the Brodniak's click on our link.. to the right.

Kellie's families most recent update is below.

Mike and Joan are working machines as usual! The horse business is going well for Mike as well as the construction business. Their ward just split but Joan is still the Relief Society President. She loves her calling and goes above and beyond to let her sisters know that she cares about them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mandi and Braxton

Here is a picture from today of Mandi and Braxton (Katie's youngest child).

Katie is 34 weeks pregnant with her 4th. Her husband, Sterling is currently in Hawaii doing an audition rotation for Medical School. He is a 4th year Medical Student. Hunter is 6, Dakota is 4, and Braxton is 2.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

one more pic

Hello Family from the McClures

Here are a few photos I wanted to share from our trip to Honeyville this
last weekend. (Chance's is from here in Sugar City if I'm being completely

Caleb, despite losing 10 lbs, is making a miraculous recovery considering
what he has been through. He was so cute with the kids and we are so happy
we still have him with us. Who doesn't just love CaCa?

He spent most of the time helping Dan and Cade master Tiger Woods '08.

Chloe and Cade were beyond thrilled to go for a horseback ride with Grandpa.
They had such a good time in Honeyville.

Grandma is now the uno champion - we all know how happy that makes little
miss competitive.

Chance is the sweetest baby. He just smiles and smiles. It makes me want
to eat him I love him so much.

Thanks for letting us share. let us know what you are up to.

Sugar City McClures

Monday, September 10, 2007


Caleb was recently in a bad boating accident at Lake Powell. He broke his neck, many of his ribs, lacerated his liver, and face, as well as puncturing his lung. He was in the hospital down in New Mexico for 10 days and is now recuperating at home. We are so glad to Uncle K K around!